PJWC and GFWC Scholarships

PJWC and GFWC Illinois offer a variety of scholarships each year to high school and college students.

PJWC Scholarship

Each year, PJWC awards a scholarship to a female senior at each of the 5 high schools in PSD202. The scholarship is awarded based on service/volunteerism in our community.

The following information was taken from the application: “Plainfield Junior Woman’s Club (PJWC) is a subsidiary of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC).  GFWC is one of the world’s largest and oldest women’s volunteer service organizations and has approximately 8,000 members in the United States.  Members of GFWC support the arts, preserve natural resources, promote education in various sectors, encourage healthy lifestyles, stress civic involvement and work toward world peace and understanding. PJWC was chartered in 2008 and began its commitment to volunteering and service in Plainfield, Illinois and the surrounding communities at that time.

 PJWC recognizes the importance and value of being involved in the community in which one lives.  To honor the contribution of student volunteers, PJWC will recognize a graduating female student by awarding a $500.00 scholarship to a qualified, college bound high school senior.  The secondary school can be a college, university, junior college or a trade or technical school.

Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on the student’s involvement and active participation in school and community volunteer activities.


  • o   Must be a Female 
  • o   (1) Letter of recommendation from a service organization in which you have been affiliated with and/or volunteered.
  • o   Maintained at least a B grade point average throughout high school career. 
  • o   Completed application form including short written statements about your future goals, the value of community service and the importance of being involved in school activities.”   

PJWC 2016/2017 Scholarship Application

GFWC Illinois Scholarships

GFWC Illinois offers a variety of scholarships to high school and college students. For 2015-2016, GFWC Illinois is offering the following scholarships:

  • Lorado Taft Art Scholarship – $1,000
  • Arthur Grant Smith Drama Scholarship – $500
  • Hamilton Ridge Music Scholarship – $1,000
  • Centennial Library Scholarship – $300
  • Illinois Cottage Park Ridge Scholarships (Vocational for Girls) – 2 @ $1,000 each
  • Lincoln Lodge Scholarships (Vocational for Boys) – 2 @ $1,000 each
  • Vina A. Miller Memorial Scholarship – Conservation (2015) / Education (2015) – $1,000

If you are interested in filling out an application, it must be signed by a GFWC Illinois Club President.  PJWC signed applications for all above scholarships can be found in the GFWC Illinois Scholarship Packet.

GFWC Illinois Scholarship Packet

For more information, please visit GFWCillinois.org

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